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Jail overcrowding can be solved:

Options Count    
By constructing more jails 24 4%
By legislative action 14 2%
By finding alternatives to jail sentence 19 3%
All of the above 581 90%

In the conduct of initial frisk search, the things that must be looked into are:

Options Count    
Addresses the telephone numbers of close and known associates 3 1%
Deadly weapons 252 48%
Drugs 15 3%
All of the above 248 48%

Alternatives to jail sentence:

Options Count    
Must include at least some time in jail 20 3%
Must be applicable only for minors 29 5%
Are not permitted in our country 18 3%
May include fines or community service 553 88%

An inmate told the jail officer while escorting him to court, “Why don’t you just shoot me so that everybody will be happy”. Then the inmate burst into tears. What should the jail officer do?

Options Count    
Tell the inmate that shooting him is prohibited 29 5%
Find a valid excuse to shoot him 4 1%
Take the inmate immediately to the hospital since he obviously has mental problems 24 4%
Tell his immediate supervisor or warden what the inmate said and describe his emotional stress 562 90%

Some symptoms of depression are:

Options Count    
Insomnia 545 85%
Severe Depression 32 5%
Excessive sleep 22 3%
Difficulty in thinking 42 7%

Potential suicides can be detected during admission if:

Options Count    
All inmates are interviewed by competent psychiatrist 105 17%
The jail has clearly written set of rules in the booking area 13 2%
The jail has screening form for inmates to accomplish 16 3%
The admitting or booking officer have been properly trained to askinmates the right questions and encourage them to answer truthfully 488 77%

An inmate giving away personal belongings is most likely:

Options Count    
An Addict 28 4%
Mentally ill 73 11%
Drunk 12 2%
Contemplating suicide 522 82%

A jail officer responding to a suicidal inmate should:

Options Count    
Suggest to the inmate possible solution to his problems 514 83%
Talk and joke with inmate to take his mind off the problems 6 1%
Use reverse psychology and order the inmate to go ahead with hisplan 41 7%
Try to persuade the inmate but back-off if the inmate becomes upset. 57 9%

If the inmates appears to be suicidal at the time of his admission:

Options Count    
Refer him to mental health professional immediately 537 84%
Refuse to admit him 13 2%
Place him immediately in a separate cell 61 10%
Let him join with sympathetic and non-violent inmates 23 4%

Inmates who are threatened by other inmates are likely to:

Options Count    
Complain to the jail warden 47 8%
Complain to the Officer on duty 134 21%
Walk away and do nothing 19 3%
Back-out at those inmates who threaten them 422 68%

It is proper to assume that inmate who attempts suicide:

Options Count    
Has been assaulted or threatened by another inmate 76 12%
Is just faking it 18 3%
Is mentally ill and must be hospitalized immediately 191 30%
None of the above 337 53%

A newly admitted inmate screams and tells you that he must be releasedimmediately because his cellmate is an alien from Jupiter and is plottingto kill him. This inmate is probably:

Options Count    
Paranoid 484 79%
In need of sedation 6 1%
Suffering from anxiety 34 6%
Hallucinating 87 14%

Inmates withdrawing from drugs or alcoholic abuse:

Options Count    
Should be diagnosed immediately 43 7%
Should be separated/segregated from other inmates 120 19%
Can be very dangerous and attack jail officers without warning 411 66%
Exhibit paranoid fears, delusion and grandeur 47 8%

A Prisoner who is sentenced to a prison term of three (3) years and one(1) day to death, is known as:

Options Count    
Provincial Prisoner 47 7%
Insular Prisoner 510 80%
City Prisoner 47 7%
Municipal Prisoner 29 5%

A Prisoner who is sentenced to a prison term of six (6) months and one(1)day to three (3) years, is known as a:

Options Count    
Provincial Prisoner 432 68%
Insular Prisoner 30 5%
City Prisoner 102 16%
Municipal Prisoner 65 10%

A Prisoner who is sentenced to a prison term of one (1) day to six (6)months, is known as a:

Options Count    
Provincial Prisoner 42 7%
Insular Prisoner 38 6%
City Prisoner 52 8%
Municipal Prisoner 495 78%

A Prisoner who is sentenced to a prison term of one (1) day to three (3)years, is known as a:

Options Count    
Provincial Prisoner 85 13%
Insular Prisoner 33 5%
City Prisoner 422 67%
Municipal Prisoner 92 15%

The following are the classification of detainees, except:

Options Count    
Undergoing Investigation 72 12%
Awaiting Trial/Under Trial 19 3%
Political Detainees 511 82%
Awaiting Final Judgement 21 3%

The following enumerates the security classification for inmates, except:

Options Count    
High Risk Inmates 25 4%
High Profile Inmates 16 3%
Radical Inmates 470 76%
Ordinary Inmates 99 16%

Each jail is mandated to establish a Classification Board for Inmates. Whoamong the following serves as the Chairman of the Classification Board?

Options Count    
Jail Warden 122 20%
Deputy Warden 421 68%
Chief, Custodial/Security Office 56 9%
IWD Officer 20 3%

Which among the following is not a member of the Classification Board?

Options Count    
Chief, Custodial/Security Office 21 3%
IWD Officer 40 6%
Jail Chaplain 57 9%
Inmate’s Representative 524 81%

Which among the following constitutes authorized disciplinary punishmentfor the inmates?

Options Count    
Reprimand 37 6%
Transfer of confinement from one jail facility to another withinthe area 24 4%
Temporary or permanent cancellation of recreational privileges 37 6%
All of the above 509 83%

The following constitutes Minor Offenses of inmates, except:

Options Count    
Rendering personal service to fellow inmate 79 12%
Littering 86 13%
Making groundless complaints 77 12%
Loittering or being in an unauthorized place 408 62%

Which among the following inmate’s infraction constitute Less Grave Offenses?

Options Count    
Failure to render assistance to an injured personnel or inmate 64 10%
Malingering 49 8%
Possession of pornographic literature 51 8%
All of the above 468 73%

The following are the composition of the Disciplinary Board, except:

Options Count    
Chief, Custodial/Security Office 20 3%
Jail Warden 268 43%
Jail Chaplain 50 8%
Inmate’s Representative 287 46%

At what instance shall the Warden perform the Board’s function as aSummary Disciplinary Officer?

Options Count    
When one of the member is not present to authorize the disciplinaryaction 99 17%
When the disciplinary action calls for close confinement 57 10%
When the disciplinary board composition is not feasible due topersonnel limitations 373 62%
When the disciplinary action constitutes transfer to another facility 56 9%

The following are the duties and function of the Disciplinary Board,except:

Options Count    
Conduct background investigation of inmates to determine the type ofsupervision, degree of custody and restrictions 388 62%
Investigate facts of misconduct referred to it 35 6%
Hear and decide cases within forty-eight (48) hours from the date ofreceipt of the case 116 19%
Shall hold sessions as often as necessary to ascertain the veracity ofthe allegation brought to it 81 13%

The following are considered Limitations when imposing disciplinarypunishment, except:

Options Count    
No pregnant inmate or one who breastfeeds shall be subjected to anydisciplinary punishment 80 13%
Corporal punishment are absolutely not allowed 92 14%
No infirmed or handicapped inmate shall be meted out punishmentwhich might affect his health 31 5%
Cancellation of Visiting Privileges 424 66%

The following constitutes Grave offenses, except:

Options Count    
Receiving, keeping, drinking liquor or taking prohibitive drugs 51 8%
Wilfull waste of food 457 73%
Tattooing himself or others or keeping tattoo paraphernalia 42 7%
Committing any act prejudicial to good conduct and discipline 71 11%

Which among the following are considered as Inmates with SpecialNeeds?

Options Count    
Female inmates 27 4%
Drug users/dependents/addicts/Alcoholics 6 1%
Mentally ill/Sex Deviates/Suicidal Inmates 69 11%
All of the Above 526 83%

Warden Shilo manages a jail facility populated by five thousand (5,000)inmates. Considering that the jail has a big population, candidates forlocal election are dying to campaign thereat. Incumbent Mayor Bubulifrom Partido Biglang-Dami and Mayoralty Candidate Bayawak fromPartido Talsik-Laway, wanted to launch their campaign in the jail on thesame date and time. What should the Warden do?

Options Count    
Grant the request for campaign so that he will have a goodrelationship to whomever will emerge as Mayor in the town 23 4%
Phone in sick on the day of the campaign so that he can save himselffor whatever trouble on the day of the campaign 3 0%
Will not grant the request of both parties to hold campaign in the jailbecause opposing candidates are not allowed under the rules, tolaunch campaign at the same time 517 84%
Conduct a survey among inmates as to who will garner more votebetween the two candidates and grant only the popular candidate tocampaign in the jail 55 9%

Which of the following statements is TRUE, when it comes to the launching of an election campaign inside the jails?

Options Count    
Requests are submitted at least one (1) week before their proposed date of campaign in jails 37 6%
Watchers/representatives from Political Parties, Citizen Arm and otherCivil Society shall be allowed to witness/observe the proceedings provided a written request is submitted 35 6%
Candidates shall be allowed to campaign only on areas designated by theJail Warden 44 7%
All of the above 500 80%

The official safe range of firing rubber bullets that may not cause injury to the person fired at, is at what distance?

Options Count    
At least 10 meters 75 12%
At least 20 meters 67 11%
At least 30 meters 45 7%
At least 40 meters 423 69%

Which among the following constitutes the security procedure to befollowed during meal service?

Options Count    
A jail officer distributing food in the inmates quarter should enter thecell without his service firearms 30 5%
A jail officer should enter the cell to distribute foods only when anotherofficer is present to handle the keys and control the entrance door 105 16%
A lone jail officer on duty may still distribute foods to inmatesprovided the door is locked to avoid being overpowered by theinmates 41 6%
All of the above 455 71%

Which among the following is not considered as Man-Made Calamities?

Options Count    
Epidemics 87 14%
Flood 497 79%
Water Shortage 15 2%
Power Failure 33 5%

Under what circumstance can an inmate be brought outside of the jail facility?

Options Count    
To appear as witness with leave of court in any investigation or formalinquiry by any government agency 30 5%
To view with leave of court the remains of deceased relative 5 1%
To undergo medical examination or treatment with leave of court 9 1%
All of the above 561 92%

Under the Revised Policy on the Designation of Jail Aides, which amongthe following do not qualify to be utilized as such?

Options Count    
Inmates charged with light offenses 34 6%
Inmates charged with Heinous Crimes 421 69%
Inmates whose maximum imposable sentence is 6 yrs and below 49 8%
Sentenced prisoners due for release 95 16%

Proposal for the dissolution of jails are no longer allowed and is no longer considered as a management action. What is the rationale behind this policy changes?

Options Count    
Because the management say so 6 1%
Because its impractical 8 1%
Because it runs counter with the bureau’s mandate as provided forunder Sec. 63 of RA 6975 463 74%
All of the above 144 23%

Which among the following sets of documentary requirements are neededto ensure the acceptance of inmates for Remand to Bucor?

Options Count    
Mittimus/commitment Order, Information, Court Decision 91 15%
Certificate of Good Conduct, Certificate of Non-Pending Case,Certificate of Non-Appeal/Finality 24 4%
Detainees Manifestation/Certification & fully accomplished Jailbooking Sheet 20 3%
All of the Above 478 77%

What is the rationale behind the directive that all CCTVs should be installed at the Desk or Operations Area of the Jail?

Options Count    
To ensure that CCTVs are properly manned and monitored 24/7 27 4%
To ensure that the movements and activities of inmates are properly observed 29 4%
To ensure that there is a dedicated personnel in the jail who are watching the recorded activities in real time 8 1%
All of the above 574 89%

To avoid incident of escapes, inmates are allowed to be utilized to do menial jobs outside of their cell for a limited period of time. The restriction to do further work is until what time?

Options Count    
Inmates are only allowed to do menial jobs up to noontime 20 3%
All working inmates should stop At 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon 77 12%
Inmates rendering menial jobs outside of their cells can only work up to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon 435 70%
None of the above 79 13%

As per BJMP Policy on the utilization of jail aide, which of the following statements is TRUE?

Options Count    
That all jail aides must be supervised and their activities must be constantly monitored 53 9%
That jail aides shall not be allowed to stay outside of their cell beyond 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon 36 6%
That all jail aides must be locked up in their cell after the lapse of allowable time to roam around the facility 11 2%
All of the Above 496 82%

At what instance shall the Director, Bureau of Corrections grant the Requests of Wardens/ Wardresses re: Good Conduct Time Allowance of inmates?

Options Count    
Only when requests from the Wardens and Wardresses re: GCTA is coursed through the DIWD for Indorsement by the Chief, BJMP to the Bucor 473 78%
When a letter-request for GCTA is sent by the Warden to the Bucor Director 49 8%
Only when there is a supporting request from the inmate for the issuance of GCTA 25 4%
None of the above 50 8%

In the Delineation of Command/Responsibilities under the SOP on Escorting High Risk/high-Profile Inmates, what shall be the duty of the augmentation personnel from other units?

Options Count    
Considered as additional escorts 19 3%
Jointly responsible with the requesting unit in securing the safety of inmates 35 6%
Shall secure the entry/exit points, prisoners vans and parking area 32 5%
All of the above 530 84%

Taping of Firearms during Yuletide Season is conducted to prevent the personnel from committing indiscriminate firing. Which of the following statements is considered as an exception to this policy?

Options Count    
Taping of Firearms is not needed when the superior is not around 15 2%
Taping of Firearms applies only when the personnel is on duty 18 3%
The firing of taped firearms is justified in situations which extremely demands the use thereof 474 75%
All of the above 112 18%

Which among the following statements is NOT TRUE when it comes to the use of Yellow T-Shirt by the inmates in BJMP Manned Facilities?

Options Count    
Inmates may attend court hearing outside of the jail facility by wearing any yellow shirt without markings 464 70%
That inmates are made to wear yellow shirt inside the facility to easily distinguish them from visitors 37 6%
Personnel and visitors are prohibited from wearing Yellow T-Shirts while inside the jail facility 95 14%
Inmates should wear yellow t-shirt with markings even when inside the facility 56 8%

At what instance may a jail officer effect an arrest?

Options Count    
When, in his presence, the person to be arrested has committed, is actually committing, or is attempting to commit an offense 23 4%
When an offense in fact has just been committed 14 2%
When the person to be arrested is a prisoner who has escaped from apenal establishment or place where he is serving final judgment or istemporarily confined while his case is pending, or has escaped while being transferred from one confinement to another. 56 9%
All of the Above 536 84%

Under the BJMP Policy on Tours inside the Jail, at what instance should the written request be addressed to the Chief, BJMP?

Options Count    
When a visiting party intends to visit a female dormitory 12 2%
When the jail subject of tour is a High Risk Facility 397 64%
When the Warden refuses to endorse the written request for a jail tour 55 9%
When the Regional Director failed to act on such request after the lapse of a reasonable period of time 149 24%

Under the Policy on the Issuance of Certificate of Detention and Detainees Manifestation, at what period shall the Warden submit the Detainees Manifestation/Certification to the Court?

Options Count    
Before the date set for the arraignment of the case against the inmate 503 78%
During the presentation of Prosecution Evidence 36 6%
During the presentation of Defense Evidence 22 3%
During or before the date set for Promulgation 75 12%

Inmates who signed a Detainees Manifestation are given how much credit hours for the work rendered while in detention?

Options Count    
shall be credited with the service of sentence with 1/5 of the time during which inmate is detained 105 17%
shall be credited with the service of sentence with 2/5 of the time during which inmate is detained 78 13%
shall be credited with 3/5 the service of sentence with of the time during which inmate is detained 76 12%
shall be credited with 4/5 the service of sentence with of the time during which inmate is detained 351 56%

In escorting High-risk/High Profile Inmates, who shall act as Close-in Security for the inmates?

Options Count    
The augmentation team 71 11%
The escorts from the jail where the inmate is confined 422 67%
Friendly forces in the area 20 3%
The Chief, Escort 113 18%

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE when it comes to escorting High Risk/High-Profile Inmates to and fro the court?

Options Count    
At least one (1) vehicle must be used in escorting HR/HP inmates 388 61%
Inmates must be handcuffed at the back as an added precaution 55 9%
There must be no more than eight (8) inmates per prisoners van 86 13%
Once inside the prisoners van, the inmates faces must be concealed from public view 97 15%

Kind of bullets considered as lethal munitions as it can cause damage and injury and should only be used on incidents requiring deadly force mentioned in the BJMP SOP on the Use of Force and Weapons:

Options Count    
Teflon coated bullets 22 3%
Rubber bullets & Rubber coated bullets 499 77%
Incendiary Bullets 35 5%
Armour Piercing Bullets 86 13%

The kind of Force that would create a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily harm such as the threatened use of a firearm, speaks of:

Options Count    
Violent Altercation 41 7%
Inertia 14 2%
Deadly Force 549 88%
Non-Deadly Force 12 2%

Inmate Kalabog had an altercation with inmate Bosyo. The former was not able to control his temper that he punched the latter and poured boiling water on Bosyo’s feet. Inmate Kalabog is said to have used what kind of force?

Options Count    
Violent Altercation 164 27%
Inertia 24 4%
Deadly Force 34 6%
Non-Deadly Force 389 63%

To address the jail disturbance, Warden Ompong resorted to the use of negotiation and persuasion in engaging with the discontented inmates who were proponents of noise barrage. Warden decided to use this method because the mere presence of duty custodial officers were not enough to contain the situation. What is the method employed by the Warden?

Options Count    
Verbal tussle 28 5%
Verbal containment 466 75%
Art of persuasion 90 14%
Power of the Mind 26 4%

It is the act of taking away of an inmate through the use of force, threat or intimidation while said inmate is inside the jail facility or while in transit.

Options Count    
Abduction 98 16%
Rescue 371 61%
Ambush 35 6%
None of the above 103 17%

Jail Officer Zoe reported for duty at Binan Municipal Jail. As he was about to enter the admin office of the jail, an inmate suddenly shouted invectives at him and threw a plate of food towards his direction. All throughout the incident, Zoe was able to maintain his composure. This is a clear display of:

Options Count    
Insensitivity 52 8%
Maximum Tolerance 503 80%
Kanya-Kanya Syndrome 10 2%
All of the above 55 9%

Strip searches must be done by:

Options Count    
An officer of similar sex 538 87%
A trustee inmate 6 1%
Immediate supervisor 15 2%
Any available BJMP personnel 57 9%

When conducting a frisk strip search, the BJMP officer should always:

Options Count    
Subject to inmate to punishment 10 2%
Search the body thoroughly 112 18%
Vary his procedures in searching 36 6%
Be systematic and thorough 461 74%

Strip search should be conducted:

Options Count    
In the presence of other inmates so that there are witnesses 27 4%
At the warden’s office 12 2%
At the admission office in the presence of other jail personnel 47 8%
Private room where it will be out of the view of the others to avoid further embarrassment 427 69%

Frisk searches should be conducted only:

Options Count    

Frisk searches should be conducted only :

Options Count    
After visitation 6 1%
Upon admission 41 8%
After pulling an inmate from the cell prior to transfer 13 2%
All of the above 479 89%

A plastic drinking straw maybe used by a drug user:

Options Count    
To roll a marijuana cigarette 21 4%
As a weapon to demand drugs 13 2%
Keep silent and do nothing 4 1%
To sniff drugs thru the nostrils 485 92%

The most effective way to combat drug smuggling is:

Options Count    
To closely monitor all activities of inmates 366 69%
To watch out for inmates behaving suspiciously 10 2%
To conduct drug tests on inmates 32 6%
To search inmates’ cell regularly 114 22%

Which of the following is TRUE?

Options Count    
In a written report, the jail officer must describe the taste of the substance he finds 55 11%
Taste an unknown substance alone 6 1%
A jail officer should never taste an unknown substance 402 80%
Taste an unknown substance in the presence of witnesses 39 8%

Inmates try to hide drugs in:

Options Count    
A place where it cannot be stolen 13 2%
A place readily accessible by the inmate 11 2%
A place where drugs will remain dry 17 3%
All of the above 493 92%

Which of the following is true?

Options Count    
Attorney visiting inmates cannot be searched 35 7%
Personnel need not be searched 29 6%
Routine frisks of all visitors are permissible 424 83%
Brother uniformed personnel should not be searched 18 4%

Which of the following is not a step in the booking process?

Options Count    
Fingerprinting the inmate 28 5%
Searching the inmate 21 4%
Inventory of the inmate’s property 74 14%
Questioning the inmate on the details of his crime 404 76%

Which inmates should be informed about jail rules?

Options Count    
All inmates 516 97%
Only those who break the jail rules 5 1%
Only those who can read and write 5 1%
Only those who are recidivists 4 1%

Who must be searched upon admission in jail?

Options Count    
Only those suspected of carrying deadly weapons or contrabands 14 3%
Only those admitted following an arrest 20 4%
Only those who have not been searched by the transport officer 5 1%
All of the above 470 91%

When is it legal to incarcerate an individual who has not been charged with a crime?

Options Count    
When the individual is a minor 45 10%
When the individual is suspected of having committed a crime 39 9%
When the individual is mentally ill 35 8%
It is never legal. 314 72%

If a medical staff officer tells you that the arriving inmate is too ill to be admitted to the jail, you should:

Options Count    
Release the inmate immediately. 12 3%
Formally accept the inmate and arrange for a jail officer to take the inmate to the hospital 94 21%
Tell the transport officer to take the inmate to the nearest hospital 316 71%
Make the inmate sign a form relieving the jail of any legal responsibility 13 3%

Which of the following is not true of health screening?

Options Count    
It eliminates the use for medical examination after the inmates have been admitted 325 78%
It helps detect the health problems of inmates 10 2%
It helps protect the inmates and personnel from threat of contagious disease 21 5%
It helps reduce the risk that the jail will be found liable for negligent care 60 14%

Why is it important to use alternative routes in escorting inmates?

Options Count    
It will help jail officers find the shortest and quickest route 46 10%
It will keep all escorts alert 17 4%
It will make the movements of the escorts less predictable 349 79%
None of the above 27 6%

Which members of the escort team should be briefed on the route to be taken?

Options Count    
All officers assigned to the escort 376 87%
The driver of the escort cars 13 3%
Only the driver of the lead vehicle 9 2%
The primary and back up drivers 30 7%

Which of the following should be done first before picking up the inmates to be escorted?

Options Count    
Check the documents needed 29 7%
Search thoroughly the vehicle to be used for contraband that may aide in escape 8 2%
Make sure inmates are not allowed access to a phone 1 0%
All of the above 401 91%

When escorting an inmate on foot, it is important to remember:

Options Count    
To walk several steps behind the inmate to decrease the chance of assaulting you 57 12%
To walk side-by-side with the inmate 35 8%
To walk in front of the inmate to be able to control what lies ahead 10 2%
To walk slightly behind taking cognizance of the weak side of the inmate 355 78%

It is important for the transport officer to be aware that:

Options Count    
Restraining devices are not necessary when inmates being escorted are manageable 27 6%
Restraining devices are tools which must be properly maintained and made available 326 73%
Restraining devices are optional when transporting inmates 11 2%
None of the above 83 19%

When escorting an inmate in an uncaged vehicle:

Options Count    
the second officer should be armed and sit beside the driver in the front seat 29 7%
the second officer should be armed and sit behind the driver 49 11%
the second officer should be unarmed and sit in the front seat 7 2%
the second officer should sit in the back seat but should leave all weapons in the front seat 349 80%

In a two (2) vehicle escort, which car should transport the inmate?

Options Count    
the first vehicle 325 76%
the second vehicle 70 16%
whichever vehicle would do 3 1%
Whichever vehicle the Warden designated 29 7%